Consider Before Buying a Wireless Headphone

Sound Quality(wireless headphone under 1000)

Go for the headphones that offer high quality and crystal clear sound along with punchy bass.

Battery Life

Make sure headphones offer sufficient battery life on a single charge.


Make sure the device can be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


You must ensure that the headphones are comfortable to use. The quality of padding and cushioning should be high and it should be soft on ears.

best wireless headphone under 1000

1: Leaf Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earphone With Mic

Leaf Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earphone With Mic
Leaf Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earphone With Mic

No wonder why this earphone is beautiful. The Leaf brand has always focused on its superior product design at an affordable price with good quality that makes this earphone the best Bluetooth earphone under Rs 1000.

It is a stylish sports type Bluetooth earphone with a good quality bass. On the surface of this earphone you get invisible nano-coating technology which makes it sweat proof which is the basic requirement of a good earbud.

Now we know what is ahead of this stylish, sweatproof, Bluetooth earphone, are we missing something.

Yes, we are missing out on battery backup, as per specs it will give you 6 hours of backup, but in our test, it is only 4hrs at full volume and equal to 50mm. It took about 1hrs and 45 min to full charge after draining the entire battery, it was so fast.

Not only this, you also get an inbuilt remote with volume control button so that you can easily manage your calls and songs without touching your device.

2: Freesolo 56S Bluetooth Headsets With Mic(wireless headphone)

Freesolo Bluetooth 4.1 in-Ear Noice Isolating Sport Earbuds
Freesolo Bluetooth 4.1 in-Ear Noice Isolating Sport Earbuds

The Freesolo 56S has the most beautiful design with matte black finishing. The built quality of this earphone is amazing. The Freesolo 56S is designed for sports use such as running, jogging, and gym use.

It is an in-ear type of earphone and the sound quality of the Frisolo 56S is sharp and clear with decent bass. We saw that the Zook rocker Soulmate had better bass quality.

The 3 different sizes of ear hooks and silicone earbuds provide better grip with larger noise isolation.

This headset is also sweat and splash proof to protect against liquid damage. In this earphone you get an inline microphone and remote for hands-free calling and music management.

Now talking about battery backup, in the box on the Freesolo 56S you may have mentioned a backup playing 5 to 6 hours of music, but in our testing, we found that it was capable of running for 4 hours 10 minutes.

3:BoAt Rockerz 255 Sports

It is the latest Bluetooth headset from the Boat brand and was launched in September 2018. It is the best Bluetooth headset at a cost of around 1000 rupees, which will not put much weight on your pocket and you will get premium sound quality.

Yes it costs more than 1000 1000 but in the offer, you will get it under 1000 1000. The BoAt brand offers the best earphones, headphones and speakers in the budget segment.

It is an IEMs sport type Bluetooth headset with a metal sound cell. Its chrome accents make it more colorful and stylish.

Now we talk about its performance, Rockerz 255 gives a True-HD sound with deep pumping bass. There is no match to its sound and bass quality in this segment.

All the possible features in this earphone are inline which gives you an internal mic, using them you can easily manage remote control button calls and music. You can also access voice control programs Live Siri, Google Now and Cortana.

In addition, it is powered by a Qualcomm CSR8635 chipset that provides CVC noise cancellation that clears the surrounding ambient noise and finally delivers crystal clear sound.

This headset is IPX4 certified for its resistance to water and sweat making it the perfect type of wireless wireless earphones.

It includes 2 additional different sized silicone earpieces, so it doesn’t matter if your ear canal is small or big.

4:SoundMagic ES20BT Bluetooth Headsets With Mic

Soudmagic has been gaining popularity in budget-oriented earphones since 2017. Following the huge success of the Soundcam E10S and Soundgamix E10C, they have brought the Soundmagic ES20BT Bluetooth headset.

Initially, it was priced at around 2500 but now it has come down from the latest chest price.

Let’s know some features for this earphone, which makes it the best earphone for 1000 rupees. This Bluetooth device works on 4.1 version and offers seamless connectivity of 10 meter range. This device provides sharp and clear sound with powerful bass.

To improve sound performance and make it tougher, a solid metal construction body has been given which gives it a premium feel.

This earphone completely satisfies their user. Because not only do you get powerful sound and bass, but there is also a long-lasting backup up to 7 o’clock. Soundmagic ES20BT offers superb noise isolation with a variety of earbuds and sizes. Here you get a total of 11 pairs of earbuds that fit every ear and provide a great grip that protects it from accidental slip.

The only problem is that it does not support any Bluetooth devices below 4.1 V2 (version) so before purchasing this BT earphone, make sure your device has 4.1 above Bluetooth version.

5:Zoook Rocker Soulmate Wireless BT Stereo Headset With Mic

Zoook is a well known and reliable company and if you can extend the bit of bitil bit by Rs 1000, the best Bluetooth earphones around Rs 1000 is Zook Rocker Soulmate Wireless BT compared to my first choice.

The premium design and good built quality make it more attractive. It is in-ear type of earphones (IEMs) and, inside the Zook Rocker Soulmate, are a powerful 12mm dynamic driver that truly provides the best wireless stereo sound quality.

It provides louder and better sound quality with powerful bass. The bass is very powerful compared to other earphones in this section.

In this wireless earphones, you get internal microphones and remotes that make hands-free calling possible so that you can easily manage your calls and music.

The ear stabilizer and earbuds hold the ear properly and the sweat proof body makes it the perfect choice for a sports person. Here you get 2 sets of ear stabilizers and 3 different size sets of earbuds.

On the box, the battery life is written 6 to 9 hours, but it provides up to 3.30 hrs and takes about 1 hour to fully charge.

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