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Wireless earbuds are more about convenience than flaunting technology.

Every one of us loves the freedom of wires when it comes to electronics goods – whether it is a television remote, a smartphone, and even Bluetooth speakers.

The price of wireless earbuds has come down considerably since it was introduced a year or two ago and can now be purchased at the cost of regular wired earphones.

In this article, we have brought to you a curated list of the six truly best wireless earbuds under an affordable budget of only 3,000.

1. Realme Earbuds Neo

Realme Earbuds Neo
Realme Earbuds Neo

Realme Buds Neo is the direct answer to the newly launched Mi TWS 2 AirPod style earbuds in the Indian market.

Design and Build Quality

The Realme Buds Neo looks almost identical to the Buds Air 2, which again resembles the Apple AirPods.

Manufactured from good quality plastic, there is not much to write about the quality of the manufacture of these earbuds.

They seem very fine to say the price to a minimum. Earbuds fit inside the ear canals for the most part, but those with shorter ears face some struggle.

The case comes with a micro-USB port for charging instead of the new USB Type C port, which is a bit bad.

Since most devices today come with USB Type C, you may have to carry a separate micro USB cable to juice up this device.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Realme Buds Neo comes with a large 13mm speaker driver for the bass.

The overall sound profile sounds very decent for the price with a complement of deep, rich bass and high notes and tone.

There is no sound distortion even at high volumes, which is a big thing given the price of this earbud.


The Bud Neo does not have an optical sensor for in-ear detection. This means that the audio does not stop automatically when you remove the earbuds from the ear.

Another thing to miss is the secondary noise cancellation mic. However, it comes with the same low latency gaming mode for lag-free audio during earbud gaming sessions.

battery life

Earbuds can last up to 3 hours on a single charge. The total playback time, including the case, is about 15 hours on average.

Earbuds with charging case take 2 hours to fully charge from zero to hundred.

2. Oppo W11

Oppo W11
Oppo W11

Oppo is currently testing the waters with its audio products such as Oppo Enco W31 and Enco M31 and has achieved very positive results from customers in India.

The Oppo W11 is a recent introduction in that regard, aiming to capture buds from Xiaomi’s Redmi earbuds S and Realme.

Design and Build Quality

The Oppo Enco W11 has a clamshell design similar to its contemporary products from Xiaomi and Realme.

This hard plastic case is well made and has a premium glossy finish on top.

While it looks attractive in the hand, a matte finish shell may have prevented fingerprint smoothies and scratches better.

The earpieces themselves are very comfortable and provide a tight fit inside the ear canal.

At a glance there is a single LED on the charging case to indicate the battery / charging status.

One of the main advantages of this charging case is that it comes with a modern type of C port for charging.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Oppo Enco W11 features a relatively small 8 mm speaker driver which is decent and has a natural bass response.

The vocal and high-end treble notes are crisp and without issue.

But out of the box, these earbuds seem slightly flat compared to other products in the range.

Once you tweak your phone / media player’s sound settings from within the equalizer settings, the Oppo Anco W11 sounds much better.

The bass notes become more pronounced and the midrange and treble notes offer good stage separation.

The quality of the inline mic is quite fine for the price. It sounded good both indoors and outdoors, with no major distractions on either side.


Oppo Enco W11 IP55 comes with water and dust resistance. You can take these earbuds without bothering to get wet in the rain.

Touch-sensitive gestures are easy to master. These gestures work well with excellent tactile feedback.

Oppo offers one year warranty on this product.

battery life

The individual earbuds are each powered by a 40mAh battery, which will last approximately five hours on a single charge.

A 400mAh battery on the charging case will allow you to fully charge these earbuds four times, taking the total battery life somewhere in the ballpark of 20 hours.

With earbuds ranging from zero to hundred it takes somewhere close to two hours to charge the case.

3. boAt Airdopes 441

boAt Airdopes 441
boAt Airdopes 441

BoAt is a brand that needs no introduction when discussing earphones and headphones.

The company has several models in the Indian market that sell like hotcocks in almost all price ranges.

The BoAt AirDoops 441 is actually a wireless earbud priced at around Rs.2,500, which gives the very premium counterparts a run for their money competition in terms of sound quality.

Design and Build Quality

BoAt Airdops 441 is made entirely of plastic material. It is clear that it is considering the price tag for which it retails.

However, the matte black finish and earbuds of the charging case feel quite right in the hand.

The charging case comes with a single LED charging indicator which will give you charge status at a glance.

The design of the earbuds is almost similar to other TWS earbuds we have seen in the budget price segment. The earpiece comes with rubber padded earhook support for a better fit inside the ear canals.

The multi-function touch-sensitive buttons on the earbuds feel very tactile and also provide responsive feedback.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The BoAt AirDoops 441 features a 6 mm speaker driver, compared to the 8 mm and 0 mm drivers found on other earbuds.

However, don’t be fooled by the numbers. This 6mm small driver sounds as good as any of the products reviewed in this list.

These drivers give punch bass which we think is the best in this segment.

Vocal and treble notes are equally loud and clear, resulting in overall immersive sound output.

There is surprisingly good stage separation between tones and instruments, uniquely audible even at maximum volume levels.


BoAt AirDoops 441 comes with IPX6 water resistance. This means that you can take these earbuds out without a second thought.

Multi-function touch-sensitive earbuds support voice assistant triggers that can be used to control smartphone action within the 10 m range.

This budget TWS earbud features IWP (instant wake and pair). Once you connect the earbuds to your device, it will connect quickly as soon as you open the lid.

This is no longer a radical feature, but the IWP Boat works so well with the AirDoops 441 that the connection is near-instantaneous.

Voice call quality from inline microphones is decent indoors, but leaves a lot to be desired outside.

battery life

The 35mAh battery on these TWS earbuds lasts up to four hours on a single charge with moderate volume levels.

A charging case of 500mAh can be used to give up to four times more juice to these earbuds.

The BoAt Airdops 441, unlike its predecessors, comes with a Type C charging port, which is very convenient.

4. Soundcore Life Note

Soundcore Life Note
Soundcore Life Note

The Soundcore brand is one of Anchor’s popular audio product range, known for its portable power bricks and cable accessories.

The Soundcore Life Note is an in-ear style TWS earbud with an extended stem design similar to second generation Apple AirPods.

Design and Build Quality

Even though the Sonecore Life Note bears some resemblance to older Apple AirPods, it still has a unique design that looks refreshed.

The angled earpiece with comfortable silicone ear tips helps in an excellent snug fit and decent passive noise cancellation.

Inside the box, there are four different sized ear tips except for the one already applied, so you will find one that fits your ear to be sure.

The matte plastic case feels good in the hand and gives a good grip while holding it.

A single charge indicator LED is placed at the front which informs you to charge the case.

This budget TWS earbud has physical control buttons instead of touch-sensitive buttons, which does everything except volume control.

Overall for a budget of Rs.3,000, the Soundcore Life Note has a strong build quality, which can be asked for.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The Soundcore Life Note features a 6mm Graphene speaker driver that excels in bass reproduction.

If you are a basshead, you might like this TWS earbud. The mid-range and treble notes look quite good, allowing you to enjoy almost all genres without any issues.

It is aptX enabled TWS earbuds. This means that you will enjoy better quality wireless audio streaming when you pair it with aptX supported smartphones.

It is quite rare to find aptX codec support in this budget, so if you are looking for it – this is it.

The inline microphone works well during voice calls, without too much distortion in audio quality on either side.


Soundcore offers an 18-month warranty on it. It costs you a lot more than other brands in this price bracket.

The charging case of this device has a USB Type C port. This will allow you to charge the case with the same cable that you use with your smartphone.

battery life

Soundcore Life Note earbuds last much longer than other products listed in this article – approximately 7 hours on a single charge.

The charging case, with its built-in 920mAh battery pack, can charge the earbuds four times, extending the total battery life to 30 hours.

5. QOR9 W1S

QOR9 is a less well-known name among the budget smartphone accessories brand in the Indian market.

But with the features and specifications the company provides for a relatively low price, the time has come to get information about this product.

Design and Build Quality

The QOR9 W1S honestly surprised us with its build quality. The construction material is plastic but comes with a textured matte finish that adds a kind of premium feel to the device.

The look and feel of this budget is really wireless earbuds elegant and very pleasing to the eye.

The charging case has a Micro USB charging case which is probably one of the only grips we have with this budget TWS earbuds.

The earbuds themselves are well built. Soft-touch sensitive buttons on earbuds are quite responsive for minor taps.

The in-ear design of earbuds reduces ear fatigue and increases wear comfort.

Speakers and Sound Quality

The QOR9 W1S features 6mm neodymium speaker drivers that sound surprisingly loud and clear.

The lower-end bass notes are clean and do not dominate soft vocals and clear triple notes.

The overall stage separation is very good and you will be able to enjoy music of any genre with satisfaction.

The QOR9 W1S supports all mainstream codec such as AAC, SBC and AptX.

This ensures that you will be listening to music with the best possible audio clarity.


This budget is actually powered by wireless earbuds Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

Additionally, Bluetooth v5.0 ensures that you have a stable, energy-efficient wireless connectivity anywhere within 10 meters.

These earpods can also be used as stereo mode or single pod as per your convenience.

battery life

These are actually powered by wireless earbuds inbuilt 40mAh batteries, which come anywhere between 5-6 hours on a single charge.

The charging case comes with a 600mAh battery, which can be used up to three times from zero to 100% of these earbuds.

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